Obama Chicken Joint: Critics Cry Fowl!

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The owner of a Brownsville fast food joint may have rode the wave of Obamamania a bit too far after he recently renamed his restaurant Obama Fried Chicken.

Despite protests last week, the manager, Mohammad Jabbar from Bangladesh, says the owner, Kaji Chowdhury also from Bangladesh, was only trying to honor President Obama. Jabbar says most customers don't seem to mind the name change.

'Everyone is coming and telling us 'I support the sign, don't take it down.''

He adds that the new name has not hurt sales, but hasn't improved them either.

City Councilman Charles Barron is not happy about the commercialization of President Obama and thinks the first black president deserves better.

'Obama fried chicken is exploitative and racist. Doesn't matter if you're doing it ignorantly or arrogantly, the sign should come down and we confronted him with that and first he said he would take it down then he changed his mind. So now we're protesting it. If you're going to use the president's name, it should be named after a school, a college a street, libraries, highways. That's what they do with white presidents whether they're alive or dead but with Obama all of a sudden we become, we're going to name him with some fried chicken and little Chia Pets? Obama's Watermelons will be next. It's disgraceful, outrageous, disrespectful and we'll be out there in number Saturday at 12 noon to continue our protest. '

The Obama Chia pet.

Barron will lead a protest against the Obama Fried Chicken restaurant this Saturday at 12:00 p.m.