Today in History: Robert Moses

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Robert Moses

On March 20, 1955, Robert Moses, master builder and commissioner, joins in a dedication of the Brownsville Boys Club, offering his views on juvenile delinquency and the need for cooperations among city agencies.

'This is a significant occasion, it represents the gift of disinterested, generous, public-spirited, altruistic people to the city of New York. I only hope that there will be more gifts of this kind and that we will have more indoor recreation centers to piece out the recreation program of the year. As has been indicated to you, we have a magnificent plant, I think comparable to any city in the world, so far as outdoor recreation is concerned. We have planted our playgrounds and parks, we planted them alongside of highways and parkways, anywhere we could pick up a patch of ground big enough to call a playground. That has been going now on for something like 21 years...but indoors we have to have much more in year round facilities...'

Thanks to WNYC Archivist Andy Lanset