First News Subway Station Opens in 20 Years

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southferryGovernor Paterson joined officials this morning for the opening of the first new subway station in 20 years. The new South Ferry Station at the southern end of the number 1 line will be able to accommodate all 10 cars of a subway train. Paterson says, it will end the need for conductors to corral all passengers to the first five cars so they can get off.

'By Rector Street there's usually a mad dash to get to those five cars or to figure out whether or not you're in one of them and then eventually when the train reaches south ferry, some people get off, some people get stranded,' says Paterson.

A second track and longer overrun areas will allow the MTA to operate two more trains an hour and increase the speed of trains entering the station. The $527-million project features on-demand escalators, a free transfer to the R and W lines, and art work featuring a mosaic of an early map of Manhattan.

Six million passengers are expected to use the new station each year.