The Morning News by the Numbers

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Seems every story these days is about numbers. Here are this morning's key digits:

$2B - How much more money in unemployment insurance Albany is releasing. New unemployment claims have doubled from a year ago to a weekly average of about 25,000. There are now more than 420,000 New Yorkers receiving benefits.

1,000 - The number of officers the NYPD will not be hiring. Budget cuts have forced the force to cut down it's size. It'll now number just under 35,000. Police Commissioner Ray Kelly says the NYPD still plans to hire 1,600 officers next year.

$3,300 - The Republican estimate of how much more the average New Yorker will pay in taxes and fees, if Governor Paterson's current budget proposal is approved. Republicans want to cut spending instead of raising taxes.

62% - How many planes arrive on-time at Newark Liberty Airport. The airport is still dead last among major aiports, but cheer up New Jersey: LGA and JFK are not much better and EWR is only second worst when it comes to on-time departures (69%).

144 - How many points the beaten down Knicks' defense allowed to Golden State. It's the Knicks' 5th straight loss.

56 - The expected high for today in Central Park. What gives?