A-Rod Admission Leaves Questions Unanswered

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Yankees 3B Alex Rodriguez (Getty)

Yankees 3B Alex Rodriguez (Getty)

Give A-Rod credit. He did what many Major Leaguers would not dare do. Still, the city's sports columnists were not too impressed with Alex Rodriguez's admission that he used steroids. A-Rod or A-Roid, as the tabloids now call him, says he used steroids after he signed the richest contract in sports history with the Texas Rangers. He says he's not sure what steroid he used, wouldn't say where he got it, and says it was only from 2001 to 2003, while he was with the Texas Rangers. He says his Yankee days have been squeaky clean.

Here's Mike Lupica's take on the admission in the Daily News:

'You have to shake your head with this guy. Because only A-Rod, on a day when he made this kind of confession, could also try to sell you this:

'I took the drugs to make myself even better than I already was ... and then discovered that I am even greater without them!

Meanwhile, the Times' George Vecsey also gives Rodriguez props for fessing up, but says we've only heard an "approximate slice of truth."

He said, “and to be quite honest, I don’t know exactly what substance I was guilty of using,” which sounds a trifle unbelievable, given the obsessive attention he and other wealthy professionals pay to their bodies.

He talked in vague terms about the “culture” of the times and claimed that he might have tripped up over something he could have "bought in a drug store."

The Yankees are standing by Rodriguez. The team released a statement saying "Alex -- like all of us -- is a human being not immune to fault."

It will be a busy spring in Tampa! Expect reporters to pepper Rodriguez and his Yankee teammates with steroid questions yet another year. It was Giambi in '05, Clemens/Pettite in '08. Now it's time for A-Rod '09.