Rep. Nadler Say Stimulus Bill Good for NY

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Rep. Jerrold Nadler says New York will do well under the stimulus bill passed by the House last night (with no Republican support).

He tells WNYC that money for medicaid, transit, and education will all help the economy.  He managed to get support for $3B in additional spending on transit, despite objections from some colleagues that there are not enough "shovel ready" projects. Nadler disagreed, but told WNYC that even if it takes two years for projects to get going, that's OK because "we'll be very lucky if [the economny] is on the way back by then." He says government will need to keep stimulating the economy for the next few years.  Listen to the full interview here.

WNYC also spoke with Rep. Edolphus Towns this morning. He also wanted Congress to pass an even larger stimulus bill.