Sidekick’s Revenge

We just aired a story about how an assistant police chief, James Hall, today attributed an increase in subway crime to the fancy electronic gizmos passengers are carrying with them. He mentioned by name one brand of cell phone, the Sidekick, which retails for $300 or more, and features a QWERTY keyboard, as one of the most frequently stolen models.

But the thief of a Sidekick may discover some surprises which make pawning it off more difficult than imagined. Here’s the story of one New Yorker whose friend lost her Sidekick in a cab, but was able to track the new owner because all the device’s content was downloaded onto the replacement cell phone.

The new owner said the phone had been purchased for her for either $50 or $100 (the story differs from version to version), but she was eventually arrested for a misdemeanor and forced to give up the phone. -- Matthew Schuerman