Billionaire Blowout

It was all billions all the time on Sunday night. WNYC's Brigid Bergin reports:



Mayor Bloomberg stood shoulder to shoulder with Senator Charles Schumer and Congressman Charles Rangel in City Hall's Blue Room to speak seriously about a possible $3 billion in federal stimulus dollars that could come New York City's way, pending the approval of President Obama's stimulus package.

But a bit further uptown, and much more tongue-in-cheek, the satirical theatre troupe, 'Billionaires for Bush' held their final hurrah at Bar 13 near Union Square. It was one part cocktails, one part costumes, all complete with a monied soundtrack (think: Kanye West's Gold digger, The Flying Lizards' Money, Madonna's Material Girl, etc.).

The group started in 2000 and originally called itself, 'Billionaires for Bush or Gore,' out of protest for the way money influenced both political parties.

But following the election, the group solidified its name and began growing it's base of 'billionaires' with pseudonyms like Robin Eublind, Ivy League-Legacy and Fillmore Barrels.

Here's some of the banter between the Billionaires last night:

The group's not planning to disband completely. They still plan to hold an occasional staged performance of the Billionaire follies. And they plan to find a library to house their archives so that future protest theater groups can learn from what they did.

But the organizational wing of the New York City chapter swilled its final sips of champagne last night. They plan to lay low on their yachts and country houses until the Obama adminstration draws them back into action. And some say they don't think it will take very long.