Galapagos Goes to Washington

WNYC's Ben Walker hopped on a Galapagos bus ferrying political pilgrims to the inauguration from New York City. He spoke with some of the passengers and has this to report.

Ann Schaetzel from Brooklyn was in DC for the Martin Luther King speech when she was 17 and is attending the inauguration to close the circle.

Trudone Turner from Williamsburg says he wasn't going to have kids but now he has to because of Obama.

Paul Rodriguez of Long Island says missing the inauguration would be like missing watching Michael Jordan playing times 10.

Erica Ville says it would not be right to sit at home for the event.

Heather Isaminger of Harlem is somber about expectations but hopeful about all the positive energy.

Kevin Depodwin of Boreum Hill is a former Boy Scout and thus totally prepared.

Kevin adds he came because he did not want to have to tell his grandkids that he could not make it.