Afronerd: No More Excuses!

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Who or dare we say what is an Afronerd? The short answer is a person of color with intellectual, artistic and perhaps 'geekish' interests. More specially, Afronerd is the brainchild of Desmond Burton (co-authored with long time friend and colleague, Robert Bishop--code named, Mr. Starks) that initially started out as web presence to vent about the lack of diverse imagery in current African-American culture.

That “presence” and has since morphed into an internet radio show and blog showcasing a plethora of subject matter that debunks the default ghettoized aesthetic falsely ascribed to many Black and Brown people. The blog attempts to highlight topics ranging from current affairs, conservative politics, culture, science and graphic novels (comic books to the uninitiated).

In the interest of full disclosure, the Afronerd blog does possess a conservative bent, however we were clearly not Republican ideologues when it came down to our support for Barack Obama's candidacy. It is safe to say that President-elect Obama is not cut from the same cloth as the usual purveyors of grievance style progressive politics (i.e. Reverends Sharpton and Jackson). This is due in part to his relative youth and insistence on personal responsibility from communities of color as it pertains to some of our pathologies. On a personal note, I still find myself doing a "double take" when it comes to the visual presence of our nation's first Black First Family.

But what happens now? Right after my aforementioned double take, I am reminded of how much work our newly elected president has before him. Will the Black community (other communities, notwithstanding) rise to the occasion when the symbolism of this victory subsides? Perhaps the most widely repeated mantra that was exclaimed post election day was simply, No More Excuses! How will this historic presidency translate to some of our Black and Brown youth that are plagued with inadequate parenting, drugs, gang violence and sub-standard educational opportunities? It is my estimation that at this time in our history, a line in the sand has been drawn for all ethnicities but more uniquely for Black folk. No More Excuses! Am I wrong? What say you all?

Since Afronerd’s inception, the Bishop and Burton team have interviewed such notables as Dr. Alvin Poussaint, radio/tv political pundit, Larry Elder, author John McWhorter as well as a whole host of other equally esteemed individuals. Mr. Burton has been a frequent commenter on NPR’s News & Notes, NY-Kiss FM'S Openline, Pacifica Radio, Al Jazeera-English and The Star & Bucwild Show. Mr. Burton resides in the NYC metro area and broadcasts weekly on The Afronerd Radio show, courtesy of