Flight 1549 First 911 Calls

Rescue workers assist a New York City Fire Department boat. (Getty)

Rescue workers assist a New York City Fire Department boat. (Getty)

WNYC's Bob Hennelly received audio and transcripts for US Air Flight 1549 911 calls:

January 15, 2009. Time: 15:29

911 Operator: 911 Operator 2184

Caller: Yeah I ‘m witnessing a airplane. It’s going down. It’s on fire.

911 Operator: Where, where, where

Caller: I’m in the Bronx. It’s turning, I don’t know where its gonna fall though.

911 Operator: Where are you sir?

Caller: Oh my God!

911 Operator: Where are you?

Caller: Briggs Ave and 199

911 Operator: What’s the street?

Caller: I’m on Briggs Ave. and 199, close to the 52 Precinct. Oh my God!

911 Operator: You said East 199th Street.

Caller: Yes Operator.

911 Operator: East 199th Street and what’s the cross?

Caller: 199 and Briggs, Briggs, between Briggs and Bainbridge, but the plane is gone already.

911 Operator: Where’s the plane?

Caller: Oh my god! It was a big plane, I heard a big boom just now we looked up and the plane came straight over us and it was turning, Oh my God!

911 Operator:What’s your name sir?

(Name and number omitted)

Caller: Yeah as soon as I called you the plane disappeared out of sight I guess it took off over the building I can’t see.

911 Operator: Was it a large or small plane or what?

Caller: It looked like it looked like a airbus plane, like a big plane.

911 Operator: All right sir, assistance will be there!

Caller: Oh my God!

911 Operator: Are you going to be there for the police at East 199th street and Briggs Ave?

Caller: Yeah, I’m right here, I’m right here.

911 Operator: Alright stay right there. I’m sending everybody okay

Caller: Okay, wow!

January 15, 2009. Time: 15:33

911 Operator: 911 operator 1698. Where’s the emergency?

Caller: Yes a-a-a plane had just crashed into the Hudson River. A US Air big DC 9 or 10 has crashed into the Hudson River, about… in… Oh my gosh!

911 Operator: What’s the location, where you at now?

Caller: I’m on 71st and Riverside Boulevard. It is closer it’s going toward um… downtown; I would say it’s probably in the 50s, or 40s

911 Operator: Okay you want to leave your name and number ma’am?

Caller: Pardon?

911 Operator: Would you like to leave your name and number?

Caller: Yes. My name is (name omitted) and my number’s (number omitted)

911 Operator: Alright ma’am, we’ll have assistance there to you as soon as possible. Thank you.

Caller: Thank you!