The 'Father Shanley' Letters

Brooklyn's Bishop, Thomas V. Daily, formerly served in the Archdiocese of Boston as an Auxiliary Bishop, as one of the deputies of the late Cardinal Humberto S. Medeiros. Because of his role in the Archdiocesan administration, Bishop Daily has been named as a defendant in 56 of 84 lawsuits filed by people who say they were abused by former priest and convicted pedophile John Geoghan.

Bishop Daily is also being drawn into a lawsuit concerning retired Boston priest, Father Paul Shanley, who was arrested in San Diego on May 2nd for molesting a boy while he was a pastor in the Boston Archdiocese. In late April, the Archdiocese of Boston recently released 800 pages of new documents in the Shanley case. Among those documents are letters Bishop Daily wrote concerning Father Shanley's appearance at a December, 1978 conference in Boston that was said to have led to the founding of the North American Man-Boy Love Association, a group that advocated tolerance of sexual relations between adult men and boys.

Transcriptions, Bishop Daily/Father Shanley letters

From: Hugh Weston, Minister, Desert Christian Church, Palm Desert, California
Received by Archdiocese of Boston: May 6, 1983

Dear Rev. Cardinal Medeiros,
Is it a fact that Father Paul Shanley represented you at the founding conference of NAMBLA (North American Man-Boy Love Association).* Please advise as to all details. Thank you.
(signed,) Pastor Hugh W. Weston.
*As reported in book, The Homosexual Network.

From: Most Rev. Thomas V. Daily, Auxiliary Bishop of Boston
Sent to Pastor Hugh Weston, June 1, 1983

Dear Pastor Weston:
I write to acknowledge your communication to His Eminence, Cardinal Medieros, and your question concerning Father Paul Shanley, a priest of this Archdiocese, regarding the founding conference of NAMBLA. I can assure you that Father Shanley did not represent His Eminence, Cardinal Medieros, at NAMBLA. With best personal regards, I am
Sincerely in Christ,
Most Rev. Thomas V. Daily.

From: Most Rev. Thomas V. Daily, Auxiliary Bishop of Boston
Sent to Father Paul R. Shanley, June 1, 1983

Dear Father Paul:
I am enclosing an exchange of correspondence with the Pastor, Hugh Weston. I send it to you for your information. With best personal regards, I am,

Sincerely in Christ,
Most Reverend Thomas V. Daily
Auxiliary Bishop of Boston.

From: Hugh W. Weston, Pastor
Received by Archdiocese of Boston, June 13, 1983

Dear Most Rev. Thomas V. Daily:
Was Father Shanley at the NAMBLA founding conference? (You say he did not represent Cardinal Medeiros). But was he present? Was he later reprimanded, if so? Thank you. (signed) Rev. Hugh W. Weston.

From: Most Reverend Thomas V. Daily
Sent to Mr. Joseph H. Moynihan, July 13, 1983

Dear Mr. Moynihan:

At the direction of His Eminence, I write to acknowledge your letter to him in which you refer to an organization known as NAMBLA and refer to a recent book reviewed by Allan Brownfeld called The Homosexual Network by Father Enrique Rueda.

In response, His Eminence has asked me to send to you a copy of his pastoral letter on pastoral ministry to the homosexual. That copy is enclosed. It states His Eminence's position and that of the Church in regard to ministry to homosexuals. For information concerning Father Paul Shanley or his presence at the conference, His Eminence suggests that you write directly to him at St. John's Church, 253 Watertown Street, Newton 02158. His Eminence also indicates that in no way was Father Shanley authorized to represent him at any conference sponsored by NAMBLA and personnally doubts any claim that Father Shanly represented him in this regard.

With the sincere hope the above is helpful to you, I am,
Sincerely in Christ,
Richard P. Little
For Most Reverend Thomas V. Daily
Auxiliary Bishop of Boston

From: Most Reverend Thomas V. Daily, Administrator
Sent to Reverend Paul R. Shanley, November 4, 1983

Dear Father Shanley:

Upon the recommendation of the Personnel Board of the Archdiocese, I am ending your appointment as Associate Pastor at Saint John the Evangelist Parish in Newton and I am appointing you Administrator of that Parish. The effective date of this course of action is November 15, 1983.

As Administrator, you shall be responsible for the total administration of the parish which, of course, includes all financial matters, the administration of the recotry [sic], all policy decisions, and all other matters pertaining to the pastoral care of the people of the parish. I would also request, that since the parish is without a pastor at this time, you assume the obligation of the "Missa pro populo".

Please inform me as Administrator of the Archdioceses, and Reverend Thomas F. Oates, Personnel Director, that you have received this letter.

It is a pleasure for me to give you this appointment as Administrator in the Archdiocese of Boston. I am confident that you will have a zealous and fruitful ministry in your new appointment. May God bless you in all your endeavors. If I can be of assistance to you at any time, please do not hesitate to call on me.

With every blessing and best wishes I am,
Sincerely in Christ,
Most Reverend Thomas V. Daily