Inside the Court System

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Public defender David Feige is contributing a series of stories to take us inside the court system and tell us what he's seen.

Mired in Misdemeanors
June 8, 2004
The recent arrest of a Queens man for a string of sexual assaults on the Upper East Side has intensified the debate about recidivists in the criminal justice system.
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More Latosha
May 19, 2004
Earlier, I a mentioned a prostitute I called Latosha, she had just pled guilty to possession of a controlled substance, and prostitution.
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May 18, 2004
Just before Christmas eve, I celebrated an unusual anniversary with a client I'll call Latosha. It happened during night court. Most years, there aren't that many arrests in the days just before Christmas, But for some reason, this year was different.
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The People
May 11, 2004
If you were to wander into Bronx criminal court on almost any weekday, one of the first things you'd notice is the people--it's crowded. Hundreds and hundreds of them milling around looking for their lawyers, courtrooms or loved ones.
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Night Court
May 4, 2004
It was nearly 11:30, and night court was in full swing when I sat down with a 17 year old kid I'll call Sam, my 24th case of the night and my fifth fare-beater.
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David Feige is a public defender and Soros Justice Media Fellow.