Poet In Residence

Good morning everybody from poetry! From Bob Holman! From WNYC Radio! And from Donna Masini- a spectacular young poet whose new book Turning to Fiction redefines the city in a way that works through all the senses. This one comes through your ears. This is a poem called "Ending."



The wild sigh of
Pigeons in the air

Shaft, how they cry
And cry after their spectacular

Flutter and rise,
The men breaking down

Something in the back
Of this building, the heat

rattling, climbing
in its pipes, the teakettle,

its high mourning
sigh-hard to believe it’s just

water. The noon
siren, the lone cat shrieking for its

tom, and that child
two flights up. What is this

cry in the pipes?
This hissing steam?

This thin whistle of sorrow?


Donna Masini’s "Ending," from the book Turning to Fiction.

Bob Holman for WNYC Radio.


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