Minorities Represent 19% of Top City Jobs

Minority groups are complaining that they are locked out of high-ranking positions in almost every agency in city government.

City personnel records show that top positions in most city agency, African-Americans, Latinos and Asians make up about 57 percent of the city's workforce but only represent 19 percent of its senior and executive staffs. Meanwhile whites make up only 41 percent of the workforce, but are in 76 percent of the top jobs. Minorities fill about 62 percent of clerical and other low-paying positions.

"We had hoped that Mayor Bloomberg, who came into office beholden to no one, would be progressive in creating opportunities," Brandon Ward, president of the New York City chapter of Blacks in Government told the Daily News in Sunday editions. "We have been disappointed."

The widest racial gap in city government is within the city Fire Department, where whites make up 91.5 percent of the 8,700 firefighters and 97 percent of its supervisors.

The U.S. Justice Department launched an investigation last month into accusations of hiring discrimination in the Fire Department.

The Bloomberg administration acknowledged it could do a better job of minority recruitment. But Deputy Mayor Dennis Walcott said the city is being "very aggressive in pursuing diversity and in looking for the best talent that is reflective of the city population."