8:45 - Sanitation Band concert.

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A concert by the Department of Sanitation Band, directed and conducted by James J. Cunningham.
Mancini's Symphonic March is cut short.
Verdi's Overture to Giovanna d'Arco is also cut short.

Edward F. Cadley delivers a rather stern overview of the Department of Sanitation's tasks and what citizens can do to keep the city clean.

A selection from Verdi is introduced by the announcer and performed by the Department of Sanitation Band. Program host describes opera costumes and conventions of the 1830s, noting that the addition of orchestras to accompany opera singers is a relatively new development. Program is briefly interrupted and resumes before cutting short. Program host describes the opera La Traviata.

The Department of Sanitation Band cuts in with a march, but track resumes with Edward McCovey performing a selection from La Traviata. McCovey is introduced to sing another song, but the segment cuts out, then resumes with a march performed by the Department of Sanitation Band. This march is complete.

Complete end-of-day signoff: “[This is] the Municipal Broadcasting Station of the City of New York, WNYC, operated by the Department of Plant and Structures, under the supervision of Commissioner Albert Goldman, on a frequency of 570 kilocycles, by authority of the Federal Radio Commission. We thank you and sign off until 11:00 AM tomorrow morning.” This announcement is followed by WMCA’s tones and sign-on, but program is cut short.

WNYC archives id: 73655