Electrical Supply Good for the Summer

The warm temperatures yesterday may have prompted you to turn on your air conditioner. Rest assured, New York State is expected to be okay when it comes to electrical supply this summer, but there could be problems in the future.

The not for profit New York Independent System Operator issued its annual report card of the massive electrical grid system. It notes five years of improvement.

Yet lessons learned from the blackout of 2003 and new data suggest that New York City and Long Island will face electricity shortfalls starting in 2008.

With increased demand more generation and transmission sites are needed as is dealing with the decrease in reserves of natural gas. For now, some new generating plants and the operation of the cable that runs across Long Island Sound will provide enough power.

The system operator is also urging Congress to pass legislation that will require mandatory standards for grid systems throughout the country making a widespread blackout, similar to 2003, less likely.