Cable Giants Make Deal on Mets

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Mets' fans are now able to watch Mets' games on Time-Warner cable.

The season has had a cruel irony for many Mets fans. They finally had a team worth watching, a team with Pedro Martinez, a team with more wins than the Yankees, yet they couldn't watch from home.

Time Warner would NOT agree to pay rival Cablevision what it wanted for the MSG Network and Fox Sports New York. The negiotiations were complicated by the fact that the Mets plan to pull their games from Cablevision's two stations next year to start it's own network.

The "Metwork" as some are calling it would be modeled on the profitbale YES Network that has carried Yankees games for the past few seasons. Neither Time Warner nor Cablevision would discuss the terms of their deal, saying only that it is a multi-year agreement and was brokered with the help of Attorney General Elliot Spitzer.