William Weld to Run for Gov. of New York

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Former Massachusets Governor William Weld met with New York's Republican party chairman today to say he will run for Governor of New York. The Long Island native currently works at a Midtown investment firm. WNYC's Dan Blumberg reports

The liberal Republican won election in largely Democratic Massachusets in 1990 and 1994 by focusing on three main issues: reducing crime, reforming welfare and cutting taxes. Now, with Governor George Pataki not running for a fourth term, Weld wants to Govern the state where he grew up.

His last two campaigns did not go well. In 1996 he lost a tough battle to unseat Senator John Kerrey in a race that featured a series of bruising debates. The following year president Clinton nominated him to be ambassador to Mexico, but Conservative Senator Jesse Helms blocked the nomination because Weld had supported the medical use of marijuana.

If he wins the nomination, Weld would likely face another tough opponent: Democratic State Attorney General Elliot Spitzer.