MTA Approves Brooklyn Railyards Sale to Ratner

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The MTA overwhelmingly approved the sale of the Brooklyn Railyards to developer Forest City Ratner for $100 million dollars. WNYC's Andrea Bernstein reports.

REPORTER: Twenty eight people testified about the prospect heights project this morning, for and against. But in the end the MTA voted 10 to 1 for a pre-printed resolution to sell the yards for $100 million, about half what its own appraiser said they're was worth. MTA Chair Peter Kalikow said the agency was getting as much as it could.

KALIKOW: Two fourteen is some guy's idea of what its worth. We don't have that deal. We tried to get it we don't have it. This is what we have.

REPORTER: Forest City had offered $50 million for the site, where it hopes to build a basketball arena and high rise apartments and offices. But under pressure after the Jets stadium flap, the MTA went back and asked for more money.

Kalikow pointed out that the MTA is also getting improvements on the yards. The lone dissenting board member said those renovations had never been a priority. For WNYC, I'm Andrea Bernstein.