NYPD Says Security Firm is Exagerating Success

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The biggest winner on the NASDAQ today was a firm that says it has started a pilot program with the NYPD to monitor the subways. But the NYPD says the firm is exaggerating. WNYC's Dan Blumberg reports.

MSGI Security Solutions stock rose forty percent after it issued a press release saying its subsidiary -- Innalogic -- was installing cameras in multiple subway stations and that the NYPD would be monitoring them over the next 60 days.

But Deputy Police Commissioner Paul Browne refuted that, saying only one or two stations had been outfitted with the company's wireless cameras, which can allow an officer in a squad car on street level to monitor the subway below. He says the firm was asked by an inspector in the NYPD's transit bureau to show off its equiment and the cameras did help with one arrest -- for credit card fraud.

Browne said he was not upset that the firm had exaggerated its role. He said there was likely some miscommunication. SEC Filings show that MSGI was originally a marketing company, but last year switched its focus to homeland security technology. MSGI has not returned a call for comment.