Split in Test Scores Reflects Lack in Early Education

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New York City's fourth graders posted record math test scores, while eigth graders stayed about even. WNYC's Dan Blumberg has more.

REPORTER: The city's fourth graders are still not perfoming as well as the state's, but they're catching up fast. Over the past six years, the gap between the city and statewide averages has been cut in half. The latest results show 77 percent of the city's fourth graders scored in the top two categories. Mayor Bloomberg was ecstatic.

BLOOMBERG: If this doesn't put a smile on the face of every parent if this does put a smile on the teachers who've worked so hard and the principals and the students.

REPORTER: The story in 8th grade is different, though, as only forty percent of students got high marks, that's down slightly from last year. Still the city's 8th graders have shown improvement over the last six years, mirroring a statwide trend.

The group Class Size Matters says overcrowded schools are holding middle schoolers back. But the Mayor says it was their lack of a good early education -- before he took office -- that is to blame.