Jets Sign Deal to Stay at Meadowlands

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The New York Jets will not be returning to the five boroughs... at least not for the next 99 years. The team has signed a deal with the Giants and the State of New Jersey to stay at the Meadowlands. WNYC's Dan Blumberg reports.

With the stroke of a pen, Governor Richard Codey sealed a deal that has been years in the making and has fallen apart several times. Together, the Giants and Jets will build a new stadium that will have about 80,000 seats. It'll cost about $800 million dollars and should be ready by 2009. The stadium does not yet have a name, but, given the joint operation, it will not be called Giants Stadium.

The deal gives the Giants what they've long been after -- a new, modern stadium in New Jersey. The Jets, on the other hand, are getting their second or perhaps even third choice. The team spent millions on its failed effort to build a West Side stadium.

It seems now the team has calculated that taking Governor Codey's enthusiastic welcome was a safer bet than trying to convince city lawmakers to let it build on Queens parkland. For WNYC, I'm Dan Blumberg.