Fashionistas Descend on Bryant Park

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Fashion week begins today in Bryant Park, and throughout the city, where more than 100 designers will preview their fall collections. WNYC's Kathleen Horan reports.

REPORTER: The white tents and the 65-thousand square foot temporary structure where many of the runway shows will be held are up and ready. Some 15-thousand editors, buyers, stylists and fashion conisseurs are expected to visit those tents, where they'll help determine what will be in stores in the coming months.

And many behind the scenes city workers have been busy preparing for all those vistors. Jose Garcia has spend a couple of weeks at the park building the stage. He says he looks forward to 2 things:

GARCIA: When you get paid and when you see the models.

REPORTER: Sharon Uvidia works for a catering comapny that serves food to the fashionistas. She says contrary to popular belief, models do consume food:

UVIDIA: they would eat and actually it wouldn't be that much... it would be like vegetarian stuff - but not like beef and the copa and pork, stuff like that.

REPORTER: If you can't make it to any of runway shows in person, many will be avalable for live streaming on your computer. For WNYC, I'm Kathleen Horan