Bloomberg Expresses Doubts About Silverstein's Finances

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Mayor Bloomberg is using tough words once again to try to get developer Larry Silverstein out of the way of the World Trade Center rebuilding effort.

REPORTER: Bloomberg says he doubts whether Silverstein had enough money to build the Freedom Tower, along with buildings 3, 4, and 5. He says he doesn't want history to repeat itself at the twin tower site.

BLOOMBERG: When we built the World Trade Center twin towers-- It literally stopped development down town for a decade. The buildings took 13 years to filled and then they were only filled with City, State and Port Authority employees. It took 20 years before those buildings were filled with market rates rents.

REPORTER: Silverstein has said he has the resources to complete the entire project. Governor Pataki has given the developer and the Port AUthority a deadline of March 14th to work out their differences.