Making Change or Making Noise: Obama's Healthcare Town Hall

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Last week, opponents of healthcare reform began their most recent strategy: raucous shout-downs at town hall meetings with U.S. senators and representatives. Tonight, President Obama is holding his first town hall meeting since the protests hit the news. The president will try to sell his plan to ordinary Americans in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. We talk to Corey Lewandowski, who is organizing a protest in Portsmouth this afternoon. Princeton historian Julian Zelizer joins us to look at the role of grassroots protests in the current healthcare debate and throughout history.

Some listener suggestions:


  "This is Jay from Boston and I would urge everyone to just say no. No, no no.""



  "Here's what I would say, shut up, shut, shut up!."



  "Co-pay, go away! Co-pay, go away! Co-pay, go away!"


  "I say, it's broke, fix it. It's broke, fix it.""