Toussaint Heads to Jail

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The president of the Transport Workers Union Local 100 will turn himself in to jail today, but not before enjoying a big send-off. WNYC's Dan Blumberg has more.

Before checking in to Lower Manhattan's Bernard B. Kerik Complex for his 10 day incarceration, Toussaint will march across the Brooklyn bridge with union members and labor leaders. The TWU will then hold a vigil outside the jail.

The union is trying to convince the MTA to ratify the same contract that was rejected in January, now that members have approved it on a revote. But the MTA says that contract offer is moot since both sides are in now in arbitration.

The TWU's decision to walk off the job in December is costing more than their leader jail time. A state judge also fined the union $2.5 million and took away automatic dues collection through payroll deductions for at least 90 days.