Mayor Responds to Uproar Over School Cell Phone Ban

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Mayor Bloomberg doesn't think restricting cell phone access in schools is something worth getting worked up over.

REPORTER: On his weekly WABC radio program, the mayor responded to students and parents who are protesting enforcement of a rule that bans cell phones and other devices.

BLOOMBERG: But to a parent who says I want to talk to my kid, I got to tell them to meet me at so and so, or I got to tell them that their favorite show is on but I forgot to TIVO it, or anything else, or having the child there, text messaging or watching porno on their cellphones, or taking pictures of others... No!

REPORTER: This week, police starting randomly selecting schools and scanning all students with metal detectors. The officers are looking for weapons, but the Department of Education asked officers to enforce a longstanding ban on these other items.

Cellphones and iPods that are confiscated are returned to students at the end of the school day.