School Cell Phone Ban Stays in Place

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The Department of Education says the cell phone ban in city schools is unlikely to be revoked, in spite of hundreds of letters from parents worried about the safety of their children.

REPORTER: Chancellor Joel Klein says that, while he's working to address parents' concerns, he'll never allow cell phones in classrooms. Mayor Bloomberg, who is also in favor of the ban, says officials have looked at several ideas but have found no clear answer so far.

REPORTER: I dont have any easy solutions for parents who want their children to have cell phones before school and after school. We dont have money; space and that money would come out of classroom.

REPORTER: Some of the discarded ideas include creating a cell phone check-in system or using a radio jammer so that students could have their phones outside of school, but not during school. The phones are banned because they are considered a distraction, and students can use the phones to cheat on tests.