Obama to Give Congress Prescription for Health Care

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The White House announced an addition to the president's agenda next Wednesday; he will speak about health care reform before a joint session of Congress. Obama's oration skills have long been considered one of his strengths, but pundits wonder if a few words from the bully pulpit can bring about agreement on the challenging health care bill. Joining us with a preview of what the president might say is Jay Newton-Small, Washington reporter for Time Magazine. We also speak to presidential historian Allan Lichtman, from American University, for a look at how presidents have waged their battles with Congress in recent decades.

"The president has got to come up with some kind of plan. And the members of Congress have got to zip their lips, and zip their egos and do one thing and one thing only, get that plan through."
—Presidential historian Allan Lichtman on how President Obama can pass health care reform