Wealthy District's Special Ed Students More Likely to Graduate

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Special education students in New York's wealthy school districts are almost four times more likely to graduate high school with dipomas than their counterparts in New York City.

REPORTER: A study prepared for the Board of Regents found only 23 percent of disabled students in New York City graduated high school in 5 years, compared to 80 percent in some better-off districts. The report was compiled by the Office of Vocational and Education Services for Individuals with Disabilities.

Deputy Commissioner Rebecca Cort says New York City and other districts with high concentrations of needy students are at a disadvantage.

CORT: Class sizes, getting appropriately certified teachers in all the subject areas, all of these pieces come together and compound the problems for students with disabilities.

REPORTER: Students with disabilities include those with learning, emotional and language problems in addition to autism and mental retardation.