Spitzer Criticizes Pataki's Urban Policies

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Democratic Gubernatorial candidate Eliot Spitzer offered his harshest criticism to date of Governor Pataki's urban policies. WNYC's Elaine Rivera has more.

REPORTER: Without mentioning Pataki by name, Attorney General Spitzer said there has been a policy vacuum in transportation, housing, education, and economic development.

SPITZER: State government has been flawed. And I think it reflects the failure to have a coherent urban policy in any shape or form over the last decade emanating from Albany.

REPORTER: Spitzer singled out the state economic development authority in his remarks before business leaders in Harlem. He said it had misdirected resources. Spitzer also said the authority has sent state dollars to areas that don't need it and neglecting others that do. He also said the state has not done enough to maintain a first-class transportation system in urban areas.

A state economic development spokeswoman said the authority doesn't "respond to rhetoric." She said the authority stands by its results.