Clinton Challenger Fights Uphill Battle

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Senator Hillary Clinton faces a challenge from the left today. Meanwhile, two Republican candidates are vying for the right to challenge her.

Union organizer Jonathan Tasini has been fighting an uphill battle against one of the most well known politicians in the world. Just getting on the Democratic ballot was a chore for the anti-war candidate and Clinton didn't do him any favors by refusing to debate.

Instead she's been on the national stage criticizing the President and especially Defense Secretary Don Rumsfeld over the war. She voted for the war back in 2002, but -- unlike Connecticut Senator Joe Lieberman -- she's been distancing herself from it for some time.

On the Republican ballot, former Pentagon official KT MacFarland squares off against former Yonkers Mayor Jon Spencer. That race has gotten nasty. MacFarland's campaign has attacked Spencer's personal life, while Spencer claims he's the only true conservative in the race. But both candidates have attacked Clinton, who they say wants to be President, not New York's Junior Senator.