Suozzi and Spitzer both "Fix-It" Guys

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New York Democratic gubernatorial candidate Eliot Spitzer made his reputation as the state attorney general by taking on Wall Street. Tom Suozzi, his opponent in the primary, cleaned up Nassau County.

The two candidates developed reputations as fix-it guys. But it was a lopsided race almost from the beginning. Eliot Spitzer sprinted out of the starting box and he has become the Secretariat of politicians. While pundits described Tom Suozzi as an attractive candidate, they say he picked the wrong man to run against.

Spitzer has built a larger-than-life reputation as a candidate who took on special interests and cracked down on corporate corruption. Spitzer has also raised $37 million in campaign donations compared to Souzzi who raised more than $9 million. Polls show that Spitzer is expected to win by a large margin over his Democratic opponent.

The winner will face Republican candidate John Faso in the general election.