City Considers Cab Fare Hike

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The city is considering raising cab fares again jsut two years after fares were increased by more than 20 percent.

The Taxi and Limousine Commission is considering doubling the fee charged while a cab is stuck in traffic. If its approved, riders would pay 40 cents for every minute instead of for every 2 minutes, raising fares roughly eleven percent.

Another part of the plan is instituting a $45 flat rate to JFK from Manhattan. Currently, that rate only exists from JFK to the city.

TLC Comssioner Mathew Daus says a moderate increase would keep fares in line with other cites while not asking riders to pay too much. Cabbies say the increase would offset the price of gas, but they're still concerned about the future costs of installing mandatory service enhancements like GPS positioning systems that are expected to be rolled out in taxis early next year.

Any fare hike wouldn't go into effect until December.