Increase in Cab Fares Considered, First in Two Years

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The price of a yellow cab ride may go up by the end of the year.

REPORTER: Fares haven't gone up in two years - even though cabbies have repeatedly petitioned for a gas surcharge several times since the last increase.

Instead of a surcharge, the Taxi and Limousine Commission is considering doubling the fee the meter charges when a cab is in traffic - it would go up to 40 cents every minute - instead of two.

It’s supported by drivers and advocates like Taxi Workers Alliance's Bhiaravi.

BHIARAVI: We think it is about time -its taken them 16 years to raise the waiting time.

REPORTER: But cabbies say they're concerned they'll have to use any extra wages to pay for high -tech upgrades scheduled to be rolled out in cabs next year. Everyone in the industry seems to agree that the proposed flat fare of $45.00 to JKF from Manhattan is good idea. Currently the flat rate is only available FROM the airport.