NJ Truck Ban Not Taken Up by Supreme Court

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The US Supreme Court decided not to get involved in a New Jersey dispute over where large trucks should be allowed to drive. The state wants to keep them off local roads; truckers say relegating them to highways is unfair. WNYC's Dan Blumberg has more.

The ban was in place from 1999 until last year when a federal appeals court agreed with the trucking industry, saying the restrictions interfered with interstate commerce. By refusing to hear New Jersey's appeal, the Supreme Court affirmed that order.

Transportation Secretary Kris Kolluri said he and Governor Corzine were disappointed, but prepared for the outcome. He says a new truck rule will be proposed within 45 days and it'll strike a balance between safety and commerce.

At the moment, emergency rules restricting trucks to highways and country roads that are at least 11 feet wide remain in place.