Support Drops for Hevesi Among Politicians and Voters

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Support for Alan Hevesi isn't just dropping in Albany a new poll shows the state comptroller is also losing ground among likely voters. Hevesi is accused of breaking the law by using a state employee as a chauffeur for his wife. WNYC's Dan Blumberg has more on the scandal that may force the veteran politician from office.

All eyes are on Governor Pataki today. He's set to announce whether he wants the Republican controlled State Senate to start impeachment hearings against the Democratic state comptroller. Hevesi used a state employee as a chauffeur for his wife and the state ethics commission says that was a violation of state law. He's vowed not to resign, saying the voters should decide.

If they did so today, the latest Marist college poll says Hevesi would win comfortably but the race is tightening. Hevesi leads by 12 points. Just a week ago he had a 40 point lead. And the poll was released before today's endorsements. Newsday and the New York Post called for Hevesi to resign outright.

The Times grudgingly endorsed his opponent Chris Callaghan, saying the former Saratoga County Treasurer wasn't qualified for the job, but that Hevesi didn't deserve reelection. The Daily News also issued a grudging endorsement, but for Hevesi. The editorial page said despite Hevesi's questionable ethics Callaghan is quote "absolutely unprepared" to handle the state's $145 billion retirement fund.