Teachers Union Agrees to New Contract

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The teachers union and the city have agreed to a new contract... and they didn't even wait for the current one to expire before doing so. WNYC's Dan Blumberg has more.

If it's ratified, the deal would boost salaries by 7.1 percent over two years. By the time it expires in October, 2009 new teachers would earn $45,500 and the most experienced teachers would get just more than $100,000.

It's only been about a year since the city and the United Federation of Teachers agreed to their last contract. That deal was negotiated retroactively, after teachers worked years without a contract. That led to acrimonious protests from teachers who were outraged that the city wanted more work rule concessions from them.

But this deal, didn't call for any concessions or productivity increases... and it was reached before most people were even thinking about it -- 11 months before the union's current contract expires.