Springer Spaniel Claims Best in Show Title

REPORTER: An English Springer Spaniel took the top prize at the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show last night. Diamond Jim, or James, jumped into handler Kellie Fitzgerald's arms after being picked for best in show. She says James has a really good heart and aims to please, one of the breed's characteristics.

FITZGERALD: 12 months out of the last year, he was going on a very strong schedule and he put out 110% almost every time. And he just never lets down. He just goes and just wants to please.

REPORTER: James was chosen out of the overall 2600 entries in 165 breeds and varieties. The Springer Spaniel earned more than the silver bowl trophy - he also got to chow down because he didn't eat before the show. Today, he's visiting the morning TV shows and will enjoy a big meal at famed restaurant Sardi's. This was his 51st best in show victory and his last. He's retiring from the show world to become a therapy dog.