Klein Pledges to Revisit Bus Situation

REPORTER: Schools Chancellor Joel Klein says he'll reconsider the requirement, that students live at least a quarter of a mile away, from school, in order to qualify for a yellow bus. The chancellor came under fire at a city council hearing yesterday for causing chaos when the city changed the bus routes, in the middle of winter. Afterward, Klein said he would try to make the process easier for parents to understand next fall.

KLEIN: I'm going to look at all of the eligibility rules, and what we need to do which has got to be done is we've got to make sure we have clear, consistent effective rules for everyone and they have to be applied equally you can't say some ineligible kids are OK and others are not.

REPORTER: The city says 13,000 students who applied for buses this year were given Metro Cards instead. Almost 1700 of those lived too close to school.