The Netherlands confronts Muslim tensions

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If Turkey succeeds in its bid to join the European Union, it would become the most populous state in the EU. But European countries are divided over the issue of allowing a predominantly Muslim country gain such a powerful role. Nowhere is the debate over this more heated than in the Netherlands, where an increasing Muslim population has caused a populist backlash and a string of high profile murders in recent years. We talk to the Dutch Minister for European Affairs, Frans Timmermans, who is in the U.S. to promote the economic benefits of tolerance.

"America is back. And we're so happy that America is back, and we want to build our future coordination with the Americans because only with them we can solve the big problems we're facing."
—Frans Timmermans, Dutch minister of European affairs, on America's meeting with Turkey

This 2008 news report from Russia Today documents the increasing divide over the growth of Islamic communities in The Netherlands.