Spitzer's Choice for Environmental Commish Advances

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A key Senate committee has advanced the nomination of Governor Spitzer's nominee for environmental commissioner, Assemblyman Pete Grannis. Karen DeWitt reports from Albany.

REPOTER: Some sportsman's groups have been opposed to the nomination of Grannis, a liberal Democrat from Manhattan, saying he is against guns and hunters. Grannis, who has sponsored a number of environmental measures during his 3 decades in the Assembly, says he hunted when he was growing up in the midwest and is currently an avid fisherman.

He says he didn't mind being grilled by senators in two separate meetings but is glad to now move on.

GRANNIS: I'm very pleased. I thank the Senators, thank the panel and the..... Now we have to move on to the finance committee and the Senate floor.

REPORTER: Senators have not yet set a date for the final steps of the nomination process. The legislature is scheduled to go on a two week break beginning this weekend.

In Albany, I'm Karen DeWitt.