Critical Mass Event

REPORTER: Bike riders are getting ready for another Critical Mass ride tonight and they're unsure how police will enforce new regulations that require groups of 50 or more obtain a permit. Tonight's riders do not have a permit. Mark Taylor has participated in the Critical Mass events for 10 years. He says the NYPD stopped arresting riders about a year ago and instead, wrote more tickets but he's worried the truce may be over.

TAYLOR: It's certainly my hope that the police aren't going to use this new law as an excuse to go back to making arrests and some of the dangerous tactics they've used in the past, but that's our fear - that they've passed this new law to in order to go back to making that kind of crackdown.

REPORTER: Police spokesman Paul Browne says the new regulations were created because the courts requested the NYPD be more precise with their application of parade permits. Browne says that those who break the law, individually or in groups, remain subject to summons or arrest.