Sustainable Farming Floats to New York City

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Sustainable urban farming is coming to New York City this spring. Some local scientists are growing carbon dioxide- free tomatoes, lettuce and peppers on a barge off the West Side Highway. The garden is entirely hydroponic.

REPORTER: Ted Caplow, executive director of the non-profit group New York Sun Works, says that means there's no soil - and the water is recirculated.

CAPLOW: So we conserve water. And all the power that we need to run a greenhouse - which is essentially fans and vents to keep the temperature in the range so the plants are happy at - all of that power, comes from renewable energy. So right there on the barge we have solar panels, wind turbines, and a generator that runs on bio fuel.

REPORTER: Caplow says the Science Barge was created to get New Yorkers thinking about sustainable energy. It will open for visitors and school trips at three different stops in Manhattan starting in May.