Top Judge Threatens Suit Over Salaries

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New York’s top judge is threatening to sue the governor and legislature over their failure to provide pay raises for state judges in the recently approved state budget. Karen DeWitt reports from Albany.

REPORTER: The Chief Judge of the State Court of Appeals, Judith Kay condemned what she called the deplorable treatment of judges by the past and present governor and legislature, who've refused to approve pay raises to judges for the past 8 years.

KAY: To go hat in hand on bended knee to the other branches, begging and pleading for even a cost of living adjustment it's just plain wrong for judges to have to do that.

REPORTER: Kay says if no pay raises for judges are granted by the end of the legislative session, she'll bring a lawsuit against the executive and legislative branches of government. In the meantime, she's seeking opinions from the Attorney General and State Comptroller about weather she can unilaterally raise the salaries by herself.

In Albany, I'm Karen DeWitt.