Corzine Speak, Walks

As Governor Jon Corzine continues to recover, so does the investigation into why his car crashed in the first place. New Jersey's attorney general says he'll investigate the role of police in the crash. WNYC's Jenna Flanagan has more.

Attorney General Stuart Rabner says he'll create an independent panel to review the operations of the Executive Protection Unit - the police group that protects the governor. Questions have been raised about the state trooper driving the governor's SUV, reportedly doing 91 miles per hour.

Meanwhile, Corzine spoke his first public words to an AP photographer, saying he feels like “the most blessed person who ever lived.” The governor's spokesperson said it's unlikely Corzine will resume his duties while he's in the hospital, which doctors say could be for weeks or even months. For WNYC, I'm Jenna Flanagan.