Flight 587 Remains Entombed

REPORTER: After years of trying to solve where to put the final remains of those killed in the crash of American Airlines Flight 587, 4 caskets were entombed in the Bronx yesterday. The caskets hold 889 fragments that either were unidentified or identified but never claimed. 265 people were killed in the 2001 crash.

REPORTER: Yesterday, family members gathered for a dedication ceremony at Woodlawn Cemetery. Some expressed relief that the last remains of their loved ones were at rest. Esamar Diaz says she's the glad the city decided to inter the unidentified remains.

DIAZ: It's actually great that I have a place I can go and visit them.

REPORTER: But other relatives remain dissatisfied with the burial. Karen Tavarez say's she's unhappy with the city's choice of the Bronx.

TAVAREZ: It makes me feel very confused and angry because I don't even know who we buried or what we buried. I have 2 spots for her.

REPORTER: Flight 587 crashed in the quiet neighborhood of Belle Harbor, Queens after taking off from JFK. Many of the victims were Dominican-born New York residents on their way to visit their native land. The crash killed 260 people on board the plane and 5 on the ground.