Kellogg Foundation Helps City With Food Stamp Nutrition Program

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A foundation started by a creator of breakfast cereal is giving the city money to help more food stamp recipients eat right.

REPORTER: The W.K. Kellogg Foundation's $500,000 grant to the city will be shared with private groups, like Food Change. Kate McKenzie, its director of food nutrition, says the money will help identify where New Yorkers can use their food stamps for fruits and vegetables.

MCKENZIE: So we need supermarkets and bodegas that have healthy supports for them. You know, bodegas are a mainstay for so many families. They need to have healthy fruits and vegetables, healthy food in general. So we need to make sure, do an assessment to determine, are there opportunities for that now? Most likely not, and what can we do to bring more attention to that?

REPORTER: The grant will also be used to help groups enroll more people into the food stamp program.