The Battle Continues Over Bloomberg’s Congestion Pricing Plan

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City Comptroller Bill Thompson threw his support behind Mayor Bloomberg's plan to charge drivers entering Manhattan. HOWEVER, Thompson is proposing that non-residents pay more than city residents. He's calling for fees of 10 dollars and 5 dollars, compared to the flat 8 dollar fee proposed by Bloomberg.

REPORTER: Thompson says the mayor's plan penalizes city residents - who are likely to use the free East River bridges - more than commuters from Long Island or New Jersey who probably pay tolls.

THOMPSON: So if you come across the George Washington Bridge you do that now anyway. If that amount is deducted from the 8 dollar charge, you're paying less than somebody from Brooklyn or Queens. It's a question of equity and fairness.

REPORTER: Members of the Queens chamber of commerce, however, say they still oppose any fee. Meanwhile, the proposal's fate is still up to Albany. A version was introduced in the State Senate but no bill has yet been introduced in the Assembly and the session ends tomorrow. A special session on the matter could be held next month.